09 April 2004


It's Friday evening here and I'm tired. It's been a WORK week, for sure. We are getting our job done, but I scarcely feel like I'm traveling, exploring a city on the other side of the world. We've been struggling to organize our ideas. Yesterday, finally, we saw some light -- I spent two hours sitting in the window of an espresso shop, writing down ideas, trying to visualize Scotland on video. That gave us a direction to go. Today we went. As a result, things feel more under control than they have yet.

I'm finding that it's a struggle sometimes to work cooperatively on a project. It is stretching me to collaborate. I'd much rather run the show. I guess I don't share well. Who knew?

On the bright side, the Glasgow weather has performed admirably for us. Little showers of rain, maybe once a day. Often cloudy, sometimes splashes of sun, occasional bright blue sky, we've been able to be outside as much as we have wanted. It has been relatively warm all the way through. I have yet to take my wool jacket out of my suitcase.

I'd recount my day for you but it would be a spectacularly boring story...


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