12 April 2007

25°28'37.73"S 28° 7'5.92"E

The sun is setting. It blazes through a single hole in the clouds to the west. I'm sitting in the doorway watching the kids playing a game that involves a tower of buckets, one ball thrown in all directions, and a great deal of shouting. At some point, the tower collapses into the red dust of the street. The inevitable argument ensues. Two houses down, music is shaking the ground, loud enough seemingly to knock down the thin corrugated walls. We are at Granny's house. In the room: Granny, four daughters, a host of children, one husband away at work. Other than him, all the men have melted away. Better things to do than take part in the dusty complexity which is life in the Soshanguve township.

Here are some sounds from the game.

SPECIAL HINT:I'm sure most of my distinguished visitors are webgeeks enough to know that you can copy and paste the coordinates I've listed in the title of this and other posts into the search window at maps.google.com, click "satellite" when the map comes up, and view a fine photograph of the EXACT SPOT ON EARTH I was writing about. But if you aren't that much of a webgeek, you can just click here. And make sure to zoom in...


Charlie said...

Awesome! Please tell all the peeps I said hello, especially Luc and Dalean!


4/15/2007 8:36 PM  

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