30 March 2004


Just got an email a couple hours ago from the people I'll be staying with in Scotland that said something like this: "We hear you're coming in late April, which might conflict with some of our schedules. Can you confirm your plans?"

Somewhere along the way, our email communication has gone awry. I'm leaving on Sunday. Imagine my anxiety as I wrote back to them: "I am, in fact, coming in five days. Will that be a problem?"

Fortunately they are flexible people. Their response: "We'll be at the Glasgow airport on Sunday night waiting for you."

Whew! Making a note to self: Always follow up on unanswered email!

On The Road Again

I'm leaving on a trip this weekend. I'll be spending a week in Scotland and two weeks in South Africa. How's that for a spectacularly dichotomized trip?

While I'm gone you can keep track of the time zone I'm in by checking here:


While in Scotland, use the London time. In South Africa, use Johannesburg.