21 December 2005


Hello, winter. Hello, darkest day. Here we all are, here to meet you.

The Path To Heaven

...or to Mt. Harvard, depending on your point of view.

20 December 2005

Wild Life

17 December 2005


Took a long walk today to clear my head. About 15 miles of "San Gabriel Mountains long", which if you know anything about the San Gabriels, is really...well...long. It didn't really do that much to clear my head, but the pictures are nice so there's that. Anyway, the clouds were hanging low today, lower than the peaks. This photograph was from way up high in the mist. Oh, yeah, and I saw a pretty deer.

15 December 2005

Los Angeles Night View

Had a job tonight on the 54th floor of the Wells Fargo building downtown. This is not a bad way to make a little extra spending money...

14 December 2005




Gdansk Glowny station, Poland, 2005

12 December 2005

Missing The Lion

I was first introduced to the Chronicles of Narnia when I was 4 years old. Sitting on the arm of the story chair that winter, I was transported each night to Aslan's country. So it is no surprise that I was interested to see the movie when it came out this week. I was thinking of writing up some thoughts about the movie until I found that pretty much everything I was thinking had already been written up right here. So, I'm off the hook, I guess. Go see it, if only for the delight of watching Lucy really 'be' Lucy, but read the book if you want the whole story.

As for the subject of mega-churches and movies as 'evangelism tools', I'm going to have to recuse myself from the whole discussion on account of a severe case of botheration.

11 December 2005

Zippy The Modern Art Fish

We made Christmas cookies today. Zippy got into the Advent spirit in a rather abstractly purple sort of way. Maybe I should call him Zippy the Vatican 2 Fish.

08 December 2005

Morning Commute

You can't see him in this picture, so I guess this is mostly a note to myself and a random comment to the world, in general, that the glimpse of a Red-Tailed Hawk hovering in the early morning air over a hill of winter-brown grass is a sight full of wonder and grace.

Music for the day: Be at rest, my soul.

05 December 2005

Each One Like A Little Seed

Here's a thought: for the most part, without special effort, and a significant amount of time and risk, we rarely ever know what's really going in another person's life. How many of us feel known? How many take the time to know someone else?

03 December 2005

In The Bleak Midwinter: an ode to living in California

Well, okay, autumn. But it's still nice to be able to take a walk and see this on December 3. And to think...only 28 more days!

Havel on Hope

Hope is definitely not the same thing as optimism. It is not the conviction that something will turn out well, but the certainty that something makes sense, regardless of how it turns out.

- Vaclav Havel

Amen. And again, I say, amen.