31 January 2006

Winter 2: Evening Drive 4

"I've been thinking about the sky up there. Pretending I'm not aware of the little pieces falling."

- Kim McMechan, I've Been Thinking from Little Grey House

Winter 2: Evening Drive 3

Winter 2: Evening Drive 2

Winter 2: Evening Drive

29 January 2006

Series: Winter Journal 5

28 January 2006


To take a break from the winter series, or maybe not, maybe this, precisely, is the series, here's a piece of something I found while reading this morning:

How can evil exist in a world created by God, the Beneficient One? It can exist, because entrapped deep inside the force of evil there is a spark of goodness. This spark is the source of life of the evil tendency....

Now it is the specific mission of the Jew to free the entrapped holy sparks from the grip of the forces of evil by means of Torah study and prayer. Once the holy sparks are released, evil, having lost its lifegiving core, will cease to exist."

- Rabbi Yehuda Aryeh Leib Alter of Ger, quoted by Annie Dillard in For The Time Being

Series: Winter Journal 4

27 January 2006

Series: Winter Journal 3

26 January 2006

Series: Winter Journal 2

25 January 2006

Series: Winter Journal 1

23 January 2006

All Its Lanterns Are Lit, All Its Torches Are Burning

We had a bit of wind last night. Windows kept blowing open and the tarp done come right off the roof. Just about blew us right out of the canyon. But it made for a spectacular bedtime walk which really is one of the wonderful things in the world.

21 January 2006


16 January 2006

Another One From The Day On The Water

15 January 2006


12 January 2006

Spending Time With The Family

We're having Christmas in the L.A. sunshine this week. Thanks to my sister (who has a blog but never actually posts to it) for the phine photo.


09 January 2006

Handy Tip For Getting Through The Winter

"You can trade a load of pelts for a plug of tobacco, you know. That and a sack of flour is really all you need to get through the winter."

- Paddy

Deep wisdom from friend who lives in Lake Arrowhead.

04 January 2006

Blog Weedery

Speaking of blog weeds, this qualifies as well as anything I know. Three cheers for math geeks!

On December 15, 2005, Dr. Curtis Cooper and Dr. Steven Boone, professors at Central Missouri State University, discovered the 43rd Mersenne Prime: 230,402,457 minus 1.


"Setting up your house so that you can Google your Wheat Thins box still costs several thousand dollars."

- Marketplace, NPR affiliate station KPCC

I think I'm okay with this. Although it would be nice to Google the car keys every now and then.

02 January 2006


Sometimes it's good for a field to be dormant for awhile. Other than a few weeds that sprout up here and there, not much of anything happens, not much that's visible anyway. So here's to giving the soil a little bit of time to rest. The Zippy Media Empire will be back in action soon. In the meantime, happy new year, everyone.