28 March 2006

To Explain

For the record, all though we're quite sure you weren't too concerned either way, we (that is, the royal Zippy "we") are right now buried deep within the dark heart of a project which is involving almost all our waking hours. This is a good thing mostly, but it leaves little time for playing around and stuff.

Well, to be honest, it leaves lots of time for playing around and stuff, especially when we are feeling like Big Creative Dorks, or should we say, Creatively Challenged, and find ourselves trying to avoid the feeling of panic which immediately ensues.

But when we do find ourself (ourselves?) playing around, we feel guilty. So there you have it. As far as this little shingle of a blog (or is it this little blog of a shingle? or is it neither?) is concerned, we are limited for time these days and finding it difficult to continue the tradition of grand entertainment and good clean fun that we here at Zippy The Fish have always worked so hard to maintain. Gracious reader, please forgive us.

In any case, we'll be around, but maybe just a little less so. You may have noticed this already. In fact, you probably have. So it's not our imagination then. This message really is a waste of time. Confound it. There we go again, playing around. Now we feel guilty.

24 March 2006


I guess you have to come home sometime. I guess, in this case, it's not that bad.

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22 March 2006

Village Girl

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Mother & Child

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21 March 2006

Farmer In The Market

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20 March 2006

Taking The Long Way Home

Here's proof that it's often good to take the long way. This is where I ended up when I hopped on the outbound bus instead of the one headed back into town.

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19 March 2006

Waitresses in Lijiang

And they sing too!

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Lijiang Again

The film is back from the lab and there are a few more pictures I'd like to put up. If you're tired of China, I'm sorry. I'm obviously not.

For this one, I stood for about 15 minutes with my camera to my eye waiting for a shot to compose itself. This one miraculously appeared. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it definitely wasn't this. In any case, you just have to admit, dogs eating from chopsticks, now that's just plain fun, isn't it?

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16 March 2006

Ralph McInerny on Choices

Many more ideas come in the course of writing than could ever come beforehand.

- Ralph McInerny, "The Writing Life" in First Things, March 2006

10 March 2006


It may be just me, but there's something seductive about these things. And something menacing at the same time. I must confess something of an addiction to the adrenalin rush of that cycle of takeoff, cruise, and land.

Well, I'm back now. Hello, house. Hello, freeways. Hello, life.


08 March 2006

Cool Chinese Guy

I don't even remember taking this picture, but it's turning out to be one of my favorite pictures from the trip. China. Whatever you think you know about it, you don't.

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06 March 2006

This Is Taipei

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03 March 2006

Lantau Island

Believe it or not, this is what you find when you climb up over to the back side of the hill from one of Asia's busiest airports.

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02 March 2006

Sunset From Kowloon

This city might be the end of me. From what I can tell, no one sleeps here. The setting sun is apparently just a sign that the day is finally getting underway.

I, on the other hand, am in desperate need of sleep.

Which confirms it. The problem with the world is this: the hours go by too fast. Somebody please slow the clock down. I'd be grateful.

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Walmart has come to Kunming, but the grocery section is probably a little different than the one in your neighborhood...

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01 March 2006

Morning Games

There are so many tiny stories that come around when you let them on a trip like this. The buildings were built very close together in this neighborhood, sometimes narrow enough that I could reach both sides of the street with my arms outstretched.

These two were playing cards at the edge of the light when I found them on a walk one morning. They didn't look up until I got down right next to them and, even then, the foreigner with the camera hardly registered. Obviously, there were more important things to pay attention to. They were focused on the immediate. But, then again, so was I. And it was a good place to be.

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So many bicycles...

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