31 August 2006


Szeged, Hungary, 2006

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26 August 2006


Novi Sad, Serbia, 2006

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Novi Sad, Serbia, 2006

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24 August 2006

Affirming The Obvious

On the road south from Szeged, Hungary, to Novi Sad, Serbia.

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22 August 2006

Pretty Good Food: Pasta Dost

Budapest, Hungary, 2006

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Farther East

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21 August 2006

Eastern Edge

Barnaget Light, Long Beach Island, New Jersey


17 August 2006


I'm just few hours shy of the airport now. The shampoos and toothpastes and gel-substances are in the suitcase rather than the backpack. Don't want to get stalled at the checkpoint. Mostly packed but slow to finish. Why is it that there are so many leavings and yet so few returnings? The balance is off, it seems. Or maybe we are not meant to be in balance. Nosotros mismos somos nuestra propia jornada, says the gypsy in The Crossing.

16 August 2006

Me On An Island

I've been gone with a few companions for a trip to an island in the Pacific. I've found this kind of thing is good for collecting your wits. Mine have been scattered, but I think I've found some of them now.

I leave on another trip tomorrow. I'll probably post a picture or two from some interesting places in the next couple weeks.

Thanks to dualravens for the picture.

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06 August 2006

South Central Los Angeles


01 August 2006

Looking For The Next Thing

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