28 September 2006

Singapore Gallery

This is old news, but I thought it would be fun to start assembling some galleries from some of the thousands of images I've got stashed in hard drives around here. So...remember that trip I took to Singapore more than a year ago. I'm sure you don't, but here are some pictures from that trip.

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10 September 2006



08 September 2006

Upon Return From Traveling

It has occurred to me upon returning from my short adventure in Europe that there are a number of remarkable similarities between, say, Hungary and Southern California, my current home.

For example...

- In both places, you can get very nice coffee to drink. Of course, in Hungary, upon getting the coffee, people tend to sit down and drink the coffee, often with someone else, in a picturesque cafe or open space. Here people get it in a paper cup, hurry back to their cars, and try to avoid spilling it on their laps while they drive at 20 miles over the speed limit, racing through traffic to get to their place of employment.

- Also, both places have beautiful, tree-lined avenues in their cities. While in a place like Hungary, they also have wide sidewalks where people can walk without being afraid of falling in front of a speeding SUV with a driver who is both highly caffeinated and late for work and, also in Hungary, they tend to actually LIVE on the beautiful, tree-lined avenues, here in Southern California usually we live in apartments with concrete parking lots or in huge gated developments and our nicest tree-lined streets are usually reserved for the fine retail establishments, like Gap and FCUK and Sephora and PF Changs. So there's that.

- In Hungary, they have very nice, efficient, high speed highways. We have them here too. In Hungary, you can also drive on them. Here we park on them and listen to the radio and practice shifting between 1st and 2nd gear.

- Speaking of traffic, we both have car horns. In Hungary, I heard someone use their car horn once. It was because someone had mistakenly drifted across a lane and was endangering both of them. In Los Angeles, we understand the value of self-expression and so we use our car horns to express our feelings, usually our four-letter type feelings.

- Oh, yes, something else: in both places, we have neighbors. My friends in Hungary have met their neighbors and know things about them. I also have neighbors, or I assume I do, although the last time I saw one of them they were running from their front door to their car like mice in a room full of barn owls.

- When I was in Hungary, we went out to eat on three different days at three different restaurants. And we didn't even get in a car! It's strange...here in Los Angeles everything takes half an hour to drive to. It's a miracle of urban planning really. How did they manage to get us all so far apart?

- In Hungary they have public transportation and people ride it. Here we have public transportation and we try to avoid the kinds of people who ride it.

- And the bread. Need I say more? What is this stuff that we're eating?

- Speaking of eating, in Hungary they had a grocer with fresh fruit on nearly every block and you go out your front door, walk a few steps down the street, and buy enough fruit (ripe and sweet) for the day. In California, where we grow millions of tons of fruit and vegetables, you can buy a cardboard peach or a rock-hard tomato any day of the week, oh yeah, as long as you're willing to drive half an hour.

Well, this is getting long, and I've begun to feel a little disenchanted. Okay, maybe one more: I could mention the fact that in Hungary it was breezy and cool with a little bit of sun after some rain in the morning and the leaves were beginning to turn to beautiful colors. This week in Los Angeles, it was 103 in the shade outside my front door. Of course, that's not the similar part. The similar part is that here in Southern California one of sure signs of autumn is that the smog over the San Gabriel Valley starts to thicken and give off some nice, fall-type reddish colors. So there you are.

Pretty similar, isn't it? I'm so glad to be home.

04 September 2006


Novi Sad, Serbia, 2006

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Novi Sad, Serbia, 2006

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Forest For The Trees

Szeged, Hungary, 2006

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Another one from Szeged...

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02 September 2006

I'm Going To Guess That The Locals Never Go Here

...but it's still nice on Nyhavn Street in Copenhagen.