29 October 2006

Some Days...

There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody's expense but his own.

- Herman Melville, Moby Dick

24 October 2006

Poland Gallery

Last fall I spent a couple days in Poland, mostly in Gdansk. I'm not sure what I expected, a rundown gray country maybe, but it wasn't. In fact, it was beautiful. Also, it was quiet and gracious and very Catholic. I would love to see it in the summertime. Here are some of the pictures.

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23 October 2006

The Matador vs. The Pacific

Matador Beach, that is.

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22 October 2006

Matador Beach

Following the same color palette and same theme as last week's post, but back on the home coast. Tonight's featured art piece: Sunset With Small Bird

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House Guest


19 October 2006

Sunrise on the East Coast

I was in Florida this past week, working for several days with just a thin pane of glass separating me from the Atlantic. If you've spent any time around the Zippy headquarters, you'll probably guess that this was a difficult state of affairs for me. But, on the last day, I dragged myself out of bed early and spent a good hour enjoying the sand and sunrise.

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16 October 2006

Melville on Eternity

This is the first Melville quote I've posted, but I'm thinking that it will not be the last one that ends up on these pages...

Yes, there is death in this business of whaling -- a speechlessly quick chaotic bundling of a man into Eternity. But what then? Methinks we have hugely mistaken this matter of Life and Death. Methinks that what they call my shadow here on earth is my true substance. Methinks that in looking at things spiritual, we are too much like oysters observing the sun through the water, and thinking that thick water the thinnest of air. Methinks my body is but the lees of my better being. In fact take my body who will, take it I say, it is not me. And therefore three cheers for Nantucket; and come a stove boat and stove body when they will, for stave my soul, Jove himself cannot.

- Herman Melville, Moby Dick (The Whale)

Santa Rosa Camping Trip

Someday soon I'll get back to writing here. But, first, here are some pictures from a trip I made out to the Channel Islands last month. We stayed for a few days, walked many miles, drank lots of hot coffee, made many dumb jokes (it's called 'island humor', only permissible on islands), sat in the grass, spotted elk, slept in the sand (well, one of us did, the others pointed and laughed), ate good food. It was all very good.

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