23 November 2006

Sam Phillips on Joy

It seems that so many people and plans and connections are falling apart like some above ground quake. As I walk to shake it off, the beat turns around and I am ecstatic for no reason. Does anyone else find themselves overtaken with profound joy all of a sudden? It's not regular. It's like the lion sightings in Charles Williams' book...

A song found me a few days ago on one of the streets in my neighborhood. A man was working in his garden and singing. It was so early and quiet that I heard him all the way down the block as I walked. The song was in Spanish and the voice was strong and low. The joy that found me was like music, come to think of it. God knows there is always trouble, but ecstasy is on the prowl. I think it's trying to find us.

- Sam Phillips, News

15 November 2006

Shadow The Wonder Dog

As it has been many days since I've posted here, I thought it time to introduce a new member of the family. We've been working on not eating the neighbor's cat and not making dark circles on the carpet. These things are apparently harder than they seem. Anyway, say 'hello' to Shadow the Wonder Dog.


03 November 2006

Back Window


01 November 2006

Rolling Out The Welcome Mat

Call me crazy, but this kinda makes me curious...
Iran offers cash to U.S. tourists (CNN)