31 December 2006

Saying Goodbye To 2006

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30 December 2006


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28 December 2006

Irwindale 2

Well...just you and the dirt and the sky and Snoop Shadow the Wonder Dog, of course.

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I took my bike down to one of the few blank spaces in this urban puzzle I live in. Of course, it's not really blank. There are pathways and strange concrete forms and a major freeway cutting across the middle of it. But it is possible to go there on occasion and pretend that it is just you and the dirt and the sky and, except for the 10,000 creeping cars on the freeway overpass, you will be mostly right.

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24 December 2006

Spiraling Upward

Of Nature's ministers the chief and prime,
Who sets on earth the seals of heavenly sway,
And makes his light the measure of our time,

Had reached that point we named, and on his way
through heav'n was moving up the spiral stair
Whereon he shows him earlier day by day.

And I was with him, but no more aware
Of my ascent than as a man may know,
Ere a though strikes him, that a thought is there.

- Dante, Paradise, Canto X