16 June 2007

Video Journal: Keeping Track

Visual notes from this afternoon's walk. Music by the Robert Shaw Festival Singers, "O Magnum Mysterium" (Lauridsen). Shot on a Canon PowerShot SD600.

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30 May 2007

San Miguel Island

Spent a few more days on San Miguel Island this weekend. Saw elephant seals and whales but no island foxes, walked for miles, got chased by pirates; pretty much what you'd expect from a weekend in the Channel Islands. Some pictures over here.

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02 April 2007

Giant Mushrooms or Space Visitors Come To Los Angeles

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08 March 2007

Sunset on Dog Beach

Huntington Beach, CA

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06 March 2007

Defenders of the American Way

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06 February 2007

Photo Gallery: North From Adelanto

Here are some pictures from my drive last month.

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15 January 2007

Avenue of the Giants 2

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12 January 2007

Avenue of the Giants

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31 December 2006

Saying Goodbye To 2006

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30 December 2006


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28 December 2006


I took my bike down to one of the few blank spaces in this urban puzzle I live in. Of course, it's not really blank. There are pathways and strange concrete forms and a major freeway cutting across the middle of it. But it is possible to go there on occasion and pretend that it is just you and the dirt and the sky and, except for the 10,000 creeping cars on the freeway overpass, you will be mostly right.

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23 October 2006

The Matador vs. The Pacific

Matador Beach, that is.

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22 October 2006

Matador Beach

Following the same color palette and same theme as last week's post, but back on the home coast. Tonight's featured art piece: Sunset With Small Bird

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16 October 2006

Santa Rosa Camping Trip

Someday soon I'll get back to writing here. But, first, here are some pictures from a trip I made out to the Channel Islands last month. We stayed for a few days, walked many miles, drank lots of hot coffee, made many dumb jokes (it's called 'island humor', only permissible on islands), sat in the grass, spotted elk, slept in the sand (well, one of us did, the others pointed and laughed), ate good food. It was all very good.

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16 August 2006

Me On An Island

I've been gone with a few companions for a trip to an island in the Pacific. I've found this kind of thing is good for collecting your wits. Mine have been scattered, but I think I've found some of them now.

I leave on another trip tomorrow. I'll probably post a picture or two from some interesting places in the next couple weeks.

Thanks to dualravens for the picture.

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06 August 2006

South Central Los Angeles


01 August 2006

Looking For The Next Thing

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30 July 2006

Saturday Morning

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16 July 2006

Photo Gallery: Anonymous - Los Angeles

I was driving around the city today imagining myself taking important pictures of things. It was a nice daydream and at some point I'd like to do something about it. But I was having trouble finding important things anywhere along San Fernando Road. It's a good place to go to drop off your Fed Ex packages or to buy large quantities of metal shavings, but otherwise I don't recommend it.

I noticed some buildings, blank, only the street address on the front. Of course, I've watched enough Michael Mann movies to assume that this meant that there was probably something irregular going on inside. Why else would you start a business, but not tell anyone the name? I hope my assumption is incorrect, because there are a lot of these blank buildings in the vicinity of San Fernando Road and I'd like to believe that the world is a better place than that.

But, anyway, I started taking pictures of them, partly because they worried me and partly because I was curious (which, by the way, are the two reasons I take most of my pictures). Also, I think Los Angeles is like this: disconnected, broken down, anonymous. 10 million people with 10 million cars. And if I get a horsehead in my bed, you'll know I photographed the wrong store front. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the results of my afternoon drive...

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04 July 2006

Living Room

Happy 4th Of July. Do yourself a favor: get off your couch and go somewhere. I'd recommend some pub somewhere to watch the Beautiful Game.

The photo was taken yesterday, somewhere in the Mojave desert.

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03 July 2006

California Is Weird

The only point in buying a house like this is to live in it for as short a time as possible before selling it to make a crapload of money because that's what people do in this state. This is a pretty sad way to live if you ask me, but then again, I don't have any house at all so what does that mean? I'll tell you what it means: it means that when I'm old and gray, I'll be living in a cardboard box. But at least I won't have lived in a concrete prison in the middle of the desert. Life is full of contradictions.

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05 June 2006

Beach Walk 4

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Beach Walk 3

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04 June 2006

Beach Walk 2

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Meditation: Beach Walk

So, let go / Just get in / Oh, it's so amazing here / It's all right / 'Cause there's beauty in the breakdown. -- Frou Frou, Let Go

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24 March 2006


I guess you have to come home sometime. I guess, in this case, it's not that bad.

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19 February 2006

Way Through The Wilderness


24 April 2005


You are close
Closer than we know
And there will be a day
When all will be revealed.
-- Eoghan Heaslip, Grace In The Wilderness

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