20 May 2007

South Africa Gallery: Soshanguve

The first gallery from the Africa trip. These are from Soshanguve, a township where I spent some time. It's an interesting place, nearly 100% black South African, growing like crazy, and since my visit a couple years ago, has begun to resolve into its own upper and lower class areas. Good to see growth. Sad to see the layers beginning to appear.

Soshanguve is a township situated about 45 km north of Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. It was established in 1974 on land scheduled to be incorporated into a bantustan (tribal reserve for black inhabitants as part of the racial segregation policies of apartheid) for Sotho, Shangaan, Nguni and Venda people (thus the name) who were resettled from Atteridgeville and Mamelodi. It later became part of the City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municpality, and was the scene of riots related to poor service delivery in January 2006.

- from Wikipedia

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21 March 2007

Photo Gallery: St. Petersburg

Some photos from St. Petersburg, Russia.

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06 February 2007

Photo Gallery: North From Adelanto

Here are some pictures from my drive last month.

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17 January 2007

China Gallery

In the spring of 2006 I spent a week in China. I'm not sure what I was expecting beyond some crazy traffic and a bunch of neon. In any case, what I found was a surprise in some ways. I thought that on the street I might be treated either with suspicion or completely ignored, but instead I found people friendly and curious. Oh, and they can make a mean bowl of noodles. Here are a few of the pictures.

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24 October 2006

Poland Gallery

Last fall I spent a couple days in Poland, mostly in Gdansk. I'm not sure what I expected, a rundown gray country maybe, but it wasn't. In fact, it was beautiful. Also, it was quiet and gracious and very Catholic. I would love to see it in the summertime. Here are some of the pictures.

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16 October 2006

Santa Rosa Camping Trip

Someday soon I'll get back to writing here. But, first, here are some pictures from a trip I made out to the Channel Islands last month. We stayed for a few days, walked many miles, drank lots of hot coffee, made many dumb jokes (it's called 'island humor', only permissible on islands), sat in the grass, spotted elk, slept in the sand (well, one of us did, the others pointed and laughed), ate good food. It was all very good.

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28 September 2006

Singapore Gallery

This is old news, but I thought it would be fun to start assembling some galleries from some of the thousands of images I've got stashed in hard drives around here. So...remember that trip I took to Singapore more than a year ago. I'm sure you don't, but here are some pictures from that trip.

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16 July 2006

Photo Gallery: Anonymous - Los Angeles

I was driving around the city today imagining myself taking important pictures of things. It was a nice daydream and at some point I'd like to do something about it. But I was having trouble finding important things anywhere along San Fernando Road. It's a good place to go to drop off your Fed Ex packages or to buy large quantities of metal shavings, but otherwise I don't recommend it.

I noticed some buildings, blank, only the street address on the front. Of course, I've watched enough Michael Mann movies to assume that this meant that there was probably something irregular going on inside. Why else would you start a business, but not tell anyone the name? I hope my assumption is incorrect, because there are a lot of these blank buildings in the vicinity of San Fernando Road and I'd like to believe that the world is a better place than that.

But, anyway, I started taking pictures of them, partly because they worried me and partly because I was curious (which, by the way, are the two reasons I take most of my pictures). Also, I think Los Angeles is like this: disconnected, broken down, anonymous. 10 million people with 10 million cars. And if I get a horsehead in my bed, you'll know I photographed the wrong store front. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy the results of my afternoon drive...

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