06 March 2007

Defenders of the American Way

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21 July 2006

Credit Where Credit Is Due

Maybe Grandma should have helped a little less with the Geometry homework and a little more with the Spelling...


23 June 2006


I was planting peas in along the fence in my yard not too long ago. The work required a shovel, some string, two wooden stakes and little bit of time. Some of the job had already been done several weeks ago when I was creating a sort of Outdoor Play Area for the now deceased turtle tribe otherwise known as Zippy and Tina. They apparently failed to find satisfaction in their Outdoor Play Area.

Nevertheless, the OPA made a very adequate start for the introduction of a row of snow peas. I dug into the soil, pulled out a few rocks, pounded the stakes, strung the string, planted the plants.

I'm happy to report the peas are doing fine, much better than the turtles did in that spot. Do peas mind heat? These are getting plenty of it and today I noticed that they seem a little toasted around the edges. I'm hoping water and a cool night will help.

Also, while I was digging in the dirt I found a genie's lamp. It caught me by surprise. I didn't know that there were genies in these parts. I didn't think the sultan had made it this far west. I'm trying to decide if I should rub the lamp or just leave it be. If I do, and if there's a genie inside, I'm going to ask for a TV that only plays World Cup soccer games and nothing else.


21 April 2006

Wild West Windowsill

A disputed territory seems to have sprung up above my work area this afternoon. Minding my own business, working hard, I looked up to find myself in the middle of a scuffle.

I'm not sure who is after whom, but I'd guess the horse has something to do with it. It's nice to see the Indians are still at one with the earth and all that and haven't given up on using the trees and other formations as natural defenses. Sadly, the cowboys still seem to be pretty clueless -- the intervening years and all the biopics of Custer don't seem to have gotten through. They're still standing out there in the middle of nowhere firing off their pistols.

The horse looks like he's fixing to get out of there. In which case, the whole affair will probably fizzle. Horses. It's always about the horses. Or the women. It's always about the horses or the women. Haven't we learned anything?